Kaveesh Mohan

Dr G.Pavithra Mohan

( Parent of Kaveesh Mohan - Grade III)

“Education is a manifestation of the perfection already in man”; – Swami Vivekananda.

“As an enthusiastic participant in debates and elocutions I have always opened my speech with the above famous saying in education related titles.

Now as a mother of a son I am honored to boldly and confidently affirm that my son is part of an institution that not just believes in the above saying but practices it to precision in their educational system. Education at aLphabet is not just assimilating knowledge; the school instils in kids a strong understanding of the world around us, it helps children develop analytical skills and nourishes your child’s faith in oneself.

aLphabet is a unique conglomeration of a charismatic and passionate educationist/founder Mrs. Kavita Saraf, loving and diligent teachers, efficient office staff, smart and knowledgeable children. The school offers integrated IB curriculum in an immaculately created premises.

Though the school offers internationally acclaimed curriculum in a modernistic environment, aLphabet strongly infuses moral/social values and celebrates Indian culture in all its grandeur. aLphabet is an “Experience” . It is a beautiful journey of learning curated for those who strongly believe in holistic education.

I have been delighted to see my son blossom under the guidance and care of aLphabet and look forward to many more meaningful and pleasurable years of learning.”