From Jyotika (Mom of Diya & Dev) – GRADES VI &III

Dear Kavita,

It’s always important to let people know and to acknowledge their efforts when they make a huge change in lives for the better.
The kids and myself are enjoying the school work and their graph in all aspects is constantly rising!
Amazing English and world knowledge to be specific.
They r moving ahead by the day and most importantly moving in the right direction.
Can’t thank u enough for a school and curriculum like this where education n warmth has a meaning and is just not a mere business or a race for academic goals.
I’m sure all the aLphabet kids will be the citizens India needs tomorrow and not just toppers or kids who are inspired to move towards the west.
These kids will definitely bring a change in our country.
Very proud of the work you are doing.
Specially Suparna mam and Jayashree mam.
They r brilliant. What Suparna is doing with Diya is something I think I have been dreaming off as a mom. I have been constantly comparing the studies at aLphabet with a very renowned IB school in Mumbai and I can see that we are much ahead.
Yes, the HW is too much. Feels a pressure sometimes, but the topics are definitely the need of the hour and interesting to work on. I only wish kids got more time to do it as they could seep deeper into it then.
Just want to thank you for being A different Principal from all whom I have met, because of your warmth, accessibility, mom like Attitude, Dynamics and most importantly love for the kids.
My heart filled wishes to you for the new campus and I know it for sure that aLphabet is going to be the best educational institute in coming years, which will raise citizens of India to fight for their rights and not run away from the country for better comforts in life.
God bless- Jyotika (proud mom of DIYA n DEV).

Ashmita ( Mom of Aarika Madhusudhan)


Per our conversation, would like to share that I am joining a project
in Mumbai, which calls for shifting there with family. With a heavy heart, I have to write that Aarika won’t be able to continue the next terms at aLphabet. It has taken me the most time in even trying to draft this letter, as this is the most emotional decision for us and not an easy one. You are well aware of how aLphabet is an important part of our lives. The place our baby stepped to learn and since then we have never thought of any other school. Yourself and the lovely teachers have imbibed love and confidence within Aarika that is a major stepping stone in building her personality and helping us raise a good human being. I have been a vocal supporter of aLphabet at every platform in every situation and that will remain so forever. We are going to miss aLphabet the most. The transition to anywhere is not going to be easy for Aarika sentimentally, but academically we are not at all worried
as you have taught the best syllabus with the best ways of teaching. We seek your blessings in this new phase.
– Ashmita ( Mom of Aarika Madhusudhan)