PYP – Assessments


The assessment curriculum provided by aLphabet international is one of extreme importance as it is integral to all teaching and learning. The purpose of our assessments at various stages is to gauge the level of knowledge and understanding of the learner. With certain learning goals set at the start of every term based on prior knowledge, continuous assessment is carried out to ensure our learners are on the right track. The assessments are central to providing valuable feedback on the learning process and development of the five essential elements of learning: knowledge, concepts, skills, attitudes & action.

As a part of our process, information is assessed, recorded and then reported. Our methods involve the entire aLphabet community – teachers, students and parents.

Formative assessments are done during the learning process and shed light on what the learner knows and can do. The results of this assessment are used to plan future learning and modify teaching activities to guide students towards their learning goals.
Examples: Self-assessment by learners, peer assessment by way of ‘thumbs-up’ and ‘thumbs down’ action, show & tell sessions, class participation, project work, homework.

Summative assessments are performed at the end of the school term and provide an in-depth view into the learner’s understanding of the central idea. It gives students the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned and exhibit the attributes of the learner profile.
Examples: Student-led conferences,  projects, exhibitions, parent-teacher meetings, progress reports.