Our USPs

Our USPs

At aLphabet international, we are committed to providing an international and personalized education which focuses on the whole child. While the methodology is IB-defined, the content of our PYP & MYP curriculums are infused with inquiry, research and concept-based learning. Our fun teaching methods have proven to be very effective with a deep-rooted determination to create life-long learners.

Strong teacher – student partnerships
A solid, collaborative, open & trust infused partnership is at the core of our unique teaching styles. At aLphabet international, we believe in and nurture independent thinking and actions by allowing our learners to freely express their thoughts and opinions, with multiple opportunities to listen, reflect and respond. We guide and support each student every step of the way in developing their critical and creative thinking skills, perseverance, independence and confidence. Our learners play an important role in developing classroom routines. Our objective is to establish an open channel of communication between teacher and student, to encourage the exchange of multiple perspectives and feedback both ways.

Individualized learning
The IB curriculum factors in that each learner is unique and prior knowledge and interactions vary. We strongly believe that one size does not fit all. A mutual understanding is crucial for two individuals to work together to achieve a common goal, therefore we spend time interacting, listening and talking to students about their strengths and weaknesses, likes & dislikes, interests, needs, capabilities, personal beliefs, cultural backgrounds and values. This leads to an in-depth understanding of each individual child. We realize that every child gained from being exposed to various backgrounds and educational experiences, and therefore it is crucial to connect their prior knowledge to new experiences. This is first assessed before individual learning goals are set.

Promoting global perspectives
Our objective at aLphabet international is to produce life-long learners who have a deep love for and understanding of global cultures. Our diverse student population encourages students to learn about various cultures and the differences from their own. We inspire the appreciation of these cultures by integrating global issues into activities and provide possible solutions. Music and language from different countries is integrated into the curriculum, which also ensures extreme comfort for our students who have come in from outside India. Students are urged to respect all mother tongues, backgrounds, cultures & ethnicity. We mandate that our learners learn a second language which helps promotes global perspective. On an overall level, our programs are shaped around creating a better and more peaceful world, by sensitizing students to the world around them.

Unique learning experiences
We believe that creativity is intelligence having fun. With play being the primary driver for learning and inquiry in the early years, our teachers give students the freedom to express themselves by exploring and discovering. Our teachers create stimulating learning environments and out-of-the-box activities relating to the lines of inquiry. Throughout all grades, learners are exposed to learning on the go where intensive research is encouraged, enabling them to think on their feet, inquire and reflect on the thought process. Our creative teaching methods challenge students in the higher grades to apply what they learn to the real-world. Experimenting, growing, taking risks, making mistakes and having fun are all a part of the aLphabet international way of learning.

Development of the whole child

Our students live the IB philosophy of being principled, balanced and caring. The learning cycle at aLphabet international inculcates in our students the ability to inquire, acquire knowledge and communicate. Our students, through our specialized learning modules understand and demonstrate balance in thought and action and open-mindedness, critical to collaboration and resolution of issues. They conceive and roll out community and personal projects through which they demonstrate their ability to think things through and demonstrate their capacity to care for the community and society at local, nationals, regional and global levels. We at aLphabet international firmly believe in the power of reflection and through our learning modules. We establish and inculcate the same in all our learners across the entire learning cycle. Our approach helps in overall personal development and long-term success. Our IB MYP related mentoring module promotes leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

Continuous parent interaction and feedback
With our learners spending a large part of their day at school which is their second home, parents become a part of the aLphabet international family as well. The development of our learners throughout the term unit is carefully managed and monitored by the school as well as parents, together. We keep parents well informed of the in-class curriculum and activities every week so that application of concepts seen at home can be recorded and reported to the school faculty. Parents are drawn in to conduct activities when class is in session, relating to the transdisciplinary theme for that term. We also meet with parents one on one if they need to, to discuss the child’s progress. We believe that active parent involvement is key to a child’s success and crucial to their sense of belonging.