MYP – Approaches To Teaching

Approaches To Teaching

  • Our teaching methods in the Middle Years Programme are reflective of a mentoring and facilitating style. The focus is on holistic self-learning, intercultural awareness and communication.
  • We help our MYP students to independently achieve a balance in their thinking process, be open-minded to account for different perspectives and be able to communicate oneself and one’s thoughts creatively, accounting for audience and context.
  • Our mentoring modules focus on conceptual understanding (overarching and subject specific) within a set of global learning contexts applied across our eight subject groups.
  • The mentoring modules build a framework of skills- communication, collaboration, reflection, research, creative thinking, critical thinking and transfer skills, promoting the development of stronger, self-regulated learners applying learning to real time applications, problems and solutions.
  • We believe our MYP learners are unique learners with varied learning styles. We provide for differentiation in process, learning environment and outcomes aligned to the IB framework for IB Middle Years.
  • Our teachers drive inquiry, investigation, observation, reasoning, logic and arriving at informed conclusions, decisions and solutions, keeping in mind the benefit to the community and individual at local, national, regional and global levels. This is aligned to the IB MYP philosophy about learning translating into student-initiated action in the form of service to the community vide a community project and a personal project.
  • The Design cycle followed at aLphabet international goes as – Plan / Investigate / Create / Evaluate