Language Development

Language Development

aLphabet international believes in developing and strengthening language to support effective communication and express ideas & beliefs of the IB program as well as the individual, with ease. It is the channel through which all learning and teaching takes place. Using play as the base, we work consistently with our learners to enhance language by creating learning experiences that extend their capabilities. Writing, reading, open discussions, show & tell sessions, paired group activities, viewing & singing songs, project presentations, role-play, story sharing & illustrations and more, are used to develop language comprehension. Keeping in mind the IB goal of creating learners with international-mindedness and broadening their cultural spectrum, aLphabet international offers the following additional languages with English being the language of instruction:

Hindi (Grade I-V)

Spanish (Grade I-V)

Learners at the Kindergarten level are exposed to these languages only as listening skills.

Mother tongue support is offered throughout all Grades.