Extra Curriculum

Club Activities

aLphabet has five teacher mentored clubs which meet once a week. They are the Performing Arts Club, Art & Design Club, Tech Club, Literary and Debate Club and the Audio Visual Club.

These clubs provide learning and leadership opportunities through extra-curricular activities for our multi talented young ones. The students are trained to take part in inter-school competitions like Culturals and MUNs. The representatives for these competitions are selected from amongst the members of the respective clubs. Students get to pick a club that they are interested in each semester.

By exploring various mediums of art in Art & Design Club, learning the foundations of Debate and Writing in Literary Club, exploring different facets of dance, music and theater in Performing Arts Club, diving deep into the world of coding and technology in Tech Club and learning the A to Z of Photography in AV Club, students get to experience hands on their different areas of interest and become masters in them.