MYP – Assessments


As per the IB mandate, assessments in the MYP are driven by achievement levels and scales. Our teachers make decisions about student achievements using their professional judgement. Assessments are done for each student area. Student performance and achievement levels are evaluated against specific qualitative descriptors and criteria. This is then aligned to the ‘best –fit’ approach accounting for all assessments taken in each subject group which in turn lends itself to a well-defined boundary guideline and finally an IB-defined scale of 1-7.

The assessment criteria for each subject group represents the use of knowledge, understanding and skills that are being rolled out in the class. They encompass the factual, conceptual and debatable dimensions of knowledge including the procedural and metacognitive dimensions of knowledge. The process is transparent to the extent that our learners are clear regarding their goal, role, audience, situation and context of the assessment.

Feedback from the assessments are regularly shared with the learners and the board to establish student progress in their individual learning curve towards the IB MYP objectives. Students are expected to use the skills acquired and work independently but with appropriate guidance from teachers and other adults. Collaboration with other students is also an important part of the learning and assessment process.

We also offer the opportunity for our learners to appear for the MYP e Assessments when our learners conclude MYP Year 5. The same is moderated by the IBO.