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About the Founder

aLphabet internationaL is the brainchild of Kavita Saraf, an educator whose heart and inspired mind is at the crux of the institution. Her vision to create life-long learners is evident in the carefully and intrinsically designed curriculum and teaching methods rolled out by her remarkable team of teachers. Her innate enthusiasm, commitment and passion is also driven by the aLphabet learners who she lovingly calls her babies. She believes that each child teaches her something new every day and her ability to unleash their potential is nothing short of extraordinary. By spending a considerable amount of time in the classrooms as one among the children, Kavita dives straight into the powerful minds surrounding her and their learning abilities.

After pursuing a Major in Education and her Montessori Diploma from Kolkata, Kavita moved to Chennai to pursue her dream of providing a personalized learning environment by creating an internationaL educational experience. She worked as an elementary school teacher in a prime school in Chennai and has experience of over 34 years.

Kavita has received “The Lifetime Education Achievement Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement and Distinguished Services to the Nation” by the Health and Education Development Association, New Delhi.