About IB

About IB

The IB program is adopted by schools worldwide whose emphasis is on developing inquiring, knowledgeable and caring learners, with the ability to make a difference in the world. It is unique in that the curriculum is focused on the approach to learning and teaching, rather than only the content involved. It encourages ‘student agency’ where students take ownership of their own learning enabling them to consider the opinions and viewpoints of others around them. IB provides the learners with extensive opportunities to apply the process of learning to global issues and real-life contexts and make a positive change. No other curriculum is better suited for churning out the next generation of global leaders. They are exposed to a life-long journey of learning. The IB program ensures that the learners are well-positioned to respond to the global challenges of the 21st century and is increasingly viewed as one of the best education systems to prepare young people for the future.

The learner profile attributes are the basic skills valued by all IB World Schools, to develop internationally-minded students.

The Learner Profiles

The 10 learner profile attributes are encouraged and embraced throughout the four programs which constitute the IB board – PYP, MYP, DP & CP. Learners will become:

  • Inquirers – “I am curious and enjoy learning.”
  • Thinkers – “I think carefully, analyze, solve problems & show initiative.”
  • Knowledgeable – “I remember and understand what I have learnt. I use what I know to solve problems.”
  • Communicators – “I express my feelings and opinions confidently and in more than one language. I also listen to the perspectives of others.”
  • Principled – “I tell the truth and am fair. I do what is right.”
  • Open-minded – “While I have my own beliefs, I listen to other people and respect their values and traditions.”
  • Caring – “I care about the people, plants and animals around me.”
  • Risk-takers – “I have the confidence to try new things.”
  • Balanced – “I look after my mind and body. I try to stay healthy and happy.”
  • Reflective – “I think about my work and actions. I know when I need to improve and change.”

These values are personality attributes which help students see beyond their own beliefs and local boundaries. As a part of the school curriculum, learners develop and reinforce the learner profiles across the six transdisciplinary themes, through which all learning is designed.